Application Instructions

Wall Decal Application Instructions

Step #1- Make sure the wall surface you are applying your decal on is clean and completely dry before applying your design.


Step#2- Decide where you want to place your decal. You can use a level and a tape measure to help with placement. Use painter’s tape to hold the decal in position to make sure it is where you want it on the wall.


Step#3- When your decal is in the desired position on your wall, make two pencil marks on the transfer paper. Then place painter’s tape on your wall directly above each of the pencil marks, allowing you to see where to place your decal after you remove the paper backing.


Step#4- Turn over the decal so that the paper backing is facing towards you. Carefully peel the paper backing from the transfer paper and the decal. The decal should be left stuck to the transfer paper. If it is not completely sticking to the transfer paper, firmly press the paper backing and the transfer paper back together and repeat this process until the decal sticks completely to the transfer paper.


Step#5- Line up the pencil parks on the transfer paper with the painter’s tape on the wall. Position the decal on your desired wall space carefully. Once you are happy with the placement, stick the transfer paper to the wall.


Step#6- Once applied to the wall, gently smooth the transfer paper either with your hand or a squeegee type tool. Start with the center and work your way out towards the corners.


Step#7- Carefully begin to peel back the transfer paper away from the wall. Ideally, you want to start at one corner and roll the transfer paper back onto itself as you peel. Be sure that the decal is sticking to the wall and does not come along with the transfer paper. If the decal comes up, place the transfer paper back on to the wall and smooth it back into place until it fully sticks to the wall.